North Carolina State Constitution, Article 1, Declaration of Rights, Section 15, Education,

“The people have a right to the privilege of education, and it is the duty of the State to guard and maintain that right.”

Education is the primary foundation of both economic justice and social justice.  Without adequate education, individuals cannot achieve their personal economic potential or appreciate the rights, liberties and freedoms provided by the Constitution.  No employer will locate a high wage operation in an area where the workforce does not have the skills to fulfill those jobs. No society founded on the principles of liberty can endure without a well-educated populace.

In North Carolina, and especially in the First House District, we are failing our children and our students. Our Department of Public Instruction has become an overt political machine at the cost of our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. This cannot be corrected overnight, so it is imperative we begin immediately to remedy the situation.

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 In 2016, economics is a four syllable word for jobs.  Since the “Great Recession,” North Carolina’s employment rates have grown anemically while the unemployment rate has improved significantly.  Unfortunately, the unemployment rate has come down, to a large extent, by our politicians redefining ‘unemployed’ by no longer counting those who have given up looking for employment.  We need to be honest about the problem before we can effectively produce solutions.


Of the 435 Congressional districts in the country, NC District 1 ranks fourth from the bottom in terms of poverty. Poorer than areas of rural West Virginia.  Poorer than rural areas of Arkansas.  This is both unnecessary and embarrassing to all citizens of North Carolina.  We can and must do better.


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The Environment

My campaign, and the Libertarian Party, strongly support protections for the environment. I am the only candidate serious enough about environmental issues to have appointed a Director of Environmental Issues. See more about my position on environmental issues in North Carolina.

My plan is to help improve the condition of our state by growing our economy to where people everywhere can support themselves with jobs. Improving this economy and focusing on jobs will also increase our average pay. I also want to focus on education and improve the literacy rate all across the board. If we can accomplish these tasks, then there is hope that we can make North Carolina an even more ideal place to live.

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Equal and Fair Redistricting

Corrupt redistricting practices, employed by both Republicans and Democrats, have resulted in eroding the ‘political middle’ (where most political compromises are made).  This has resulted in legislatures in both Raleigh and Washington to be more bipolar than bipartisan. The force of a third party could effectively address this festering problem. Some of North Carolina’s brightest minds are currently working on this issue.  We recommend they research the redistricting models in Iowa and California.


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