Campaign Team

JJ Summerell Campaign Team

Michael DeSantis, Campaign Manager

Michael DeSantis is very passionate about the future of CD1 and thinks that Mr. Summerell's diverse background will bring prosperity to one of the poorest districts in the U.S. Michael cares about the American Dream and is dedicated to helping many Americans achieve theirs. For more info about him visit his website: 


Ralph Lake, Treasurer

Ralph Lake is a native North Carolinian. A retired corporate lawyer, he currently lives in Greensboro. He is a committed Libertarian, and also serves as Treasurer of the North Carolina Libertarian Party.

Corey FauconierCorey M. Fauconier, Communications Director

Corey is the Communications Director of the JJ4NC US Congressional Campaign Team District 1. Corey looks at bringing his activism to assist outreach in the African American community, bringing his communication and musical experience to help broadcast the message of liberty and freedom for the Libertarian Party affiliates in both North Carolina and Virginia.


Brad StanbackBrad Stanback, Environment Director

Brad Stanback is a graduate of NYU (MBA) and Duke University. He is affiliated with the Southern Environmental Law Center and the Nicholas School of Environment. Brad manages an Ecological Research Farm in the NC mountains west of Asheville with a focus on conservation and ecological restoration.



Brent Schmedding, Volunteer Coordinator

Brent Schmedding resides in Apex, North Carolina. He attends Apex High School where he is Student Body President, Co-President of the Debate Club, and is involved in many other school organizations. Brent also enjoys extreme sports, football, cooking, and a nice cup of coffee. He hopes to study economics/political science in college.

Sarah GompperSarah Gompper, Political Director

Sarah is a political science major, cheerleader, and leader of the College Libertarians at Davidson College. She admires political philosophers like de Tocqueville and Hayek, and particularly enjoys blogging (usually about criminal justice reform or over-regulation) and drawing political cartoons. Follow Sarah on Twitter @gomppers.

Pete D’Abrosca, Director of Development

Pete D'Abrosca is a sales professional at a software startup in Charlotte. He has been a member of the John McAfee for President campaign for most of 2016, and has recently become involved with the LPNC. He is an Elon University graduate with a passion for spreading the message of liberty. In his free time he enjoys yodeling and the outdoors, particularly golfing. He’s long off the tee, but can’t putt to save his life.


Marsalis A. McQueen, Director of Hispanic Outreach 

Marsalis McQueen is a native of Durham, NC, but lived the majority of his life in Pittsboro, NC. He is a transfer student at NC State University. He values the importance of family, populism, and most importantly, liberty. In his free time he enjoys playing either basketball or soccer.


Max Summerell, Director of Canine Outreach

Max resides in Greensboro North Carolina. Where he if often chasing his tail, digging holes, sleeping, eating, and advocating for canine rights. He trusts his canine instinct that his dad J.J. Summerell will bring back hope into the district after a few ruff years.

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